Play / Playgroup Schools In Pune, India

Pre School Events

Pre-school events Special Events to make first schooling experience memorable:

Play schools in Pune have several activities integrated in the curriculum. Similarly at Kids Organization too, extra-curricular activities like Gathering, Fun-fair, Sports day, Festival celebrations, Picnics, Field trips etc. are conducted in a bid to provide a learning and fun experience to the children.

  • Picnics : With the aim of giving a lot of exposure to children, picnics are arranged at various places like market, cowshed and parks all year round. These picnics enable children to enjoy group life, togetherness, learning co-operation and also help in developing their observation skills.
  • Festival Celebration : Almost all the festivals are celebrated in the school with aplomb to make children aware of our culture and tradition.
  • Special days : Some days and weeks of the year are treated as Special days that include, Community helpers’ day, Color week etc. where learning process is coupled with fun experiences.
  • Fun Week : Fun week is specially arranged in which children compete amongst themselves in various competitive events.
  • Sports day : Various sports like running race, hoping etc. are conducted to develop the competitive spirit in children and they are duly rewarded too.
  • Annual day : This day is organized so as to provide a platform for the children to showcase their talents and also an opportunity for us to appreciate them.

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