Montessori / Pre Nursery / Primary Schools In Pune, Creche In Pune

Usually in any Pre-Nursery school in Pune, the syllabus follows the Montessori and play way method. We too follow the same method of teaching here at Kids Organization. An introduction to the concept of ‘school can be fun’ is the objective here. Though our pre-school follows exactly the same syllabus like any of the best Montessori schools in Pune, there’s an extra edge to our syllabus as compared to others.

A systematic project method for language development is used. More so a thorough research and a deep understanding of child psychology are the foundations of our syllabus. We have a proper schedule covering all the important faculties of development in the foundation years that facilitates an overall development of children. A scientific, systematic planning and implementation of the daily schedule at our school has made it one of the best Montessori schools in Pune.

Aajol is a professionally managed, high quality, modern day care centre in Pune. Motherhood is indeed a rich experience, however the modern woman today wants to strike a fine balance between providing the right nurturing for her child and also step out for a successful career in her chosen field. At such times it becomes extremely difficult for her to achieve her 100 percent in both these spheres.

The inception of Infant day care happened after considering many factors. With the IT boom and the need for the woman to step out within two months of delivery owing to reduced maternity leaves, the initiation of Infant day centre at Aajol came into being. Aajol is the first Infant / child day care centre in Pune which caters to three month old infants!

Aajol KothrudOwing to our excellent work in this field for years, our sincere and genuine efforts were noticed by our reputed trust. Hence we were invited to start Aajol day care centre in Kothrud. Just like our day care centre at Navi Peth, our Kothrud day centre too is a big success…

  • A scenic location and huge premises makes it one of the most unique day care centres in kothrud.
  • Huge independent premises with excellent infrastructure.
  • It is run on the same basis and principles of our main day care centre.

Special Features :

Aajol has always aimed to provide the best available services to its junior day care centre Kothrud Pune. Hence from having separate premises for junior day centre to much more we have the best of facilities…

  • A huge open space is made available within the premises.
  • Separate dining room and well demarcated bedrooms are available to create a feel-at-home ambience.
  • Full time watchmen and CC TV cameras are present to assure safety and vigilance.
  • Tasty, nutritious food is prepared in our in-house kitchen and is served at regular intervals.
  • Food preparations are based on a special diet-plan chalked out for the appropriate age groups for these growing kids.
  • Extreme hygiene and compulsory uniform for staff is maintained.

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