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Avians is a leading industrial door systems, shutter, gates manufacturers company in india. We are manufacturers all types of high end automatic entrance doors, shutters, gates. The product range is all types of conventional doors.


Yoga Institute In Pune

Yoga institute in pune is a precious gift to everybody. We offer yoga courses, for beginners, professionals, like fitness trainers, naturopaths, yoga teachers, yoga therapists & doctors. Our yoga institute in Pune is dedicated for medical aspects among yoga institutes in Pune.


Practical consists of 2 sets of sequences of Yogic Postures, to be studied & practiced. One has to learn the detailed instructions while performing them. It also includes one special sequence called Pranayam sequence which consists of 20 min. Yogic Postures, 10 min. Shawasan, 5 min Breathing Study, 10 min. Pranayam, 10 min. Meditation, ending with Shantimantra. Pranayam sequence helps in energy extension.