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Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Retained Welding Engineering Services

It is necessary for structural steel fabrication, or erection businesses in Canada to have Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification. While the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification allows them to undertake engineering/construction assignments, it also mandates them to use the services of Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) retained welding engineers. Welding engineer services for Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification may be employed or retained by these companies.

Welcome to The Orbis Schools Pune (CBSE)


Top schools in Pune  have always attracted students from all over the country and abroad, and in such an environment The Orbis School is a preferred choice of parents seeking admission to good schools in Pune.

The school’s name, Orbis, which comes from orb, is a metaphor for the world. And our aim as educators is to groom students in harmony with global progress. Today, the Orbis School is recognized as one of the best schools in Pune.

As the world becomes increasingly flat, and cycles of change grow ever shorter, the good schools in Pune and the rest of the country must acquire the ability to keep up. Tomorrow’s winners need to be able to bring the change rather than merely react to it.