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Agri Tourism near Pune | Farm Tourism | Resorts Near Pune

Agri Tourism near pune

Meher retreat is an officially recognized agri-tourism around pune & farm tourism, resort centre that will unveil a rural lifestyle of and various unknown elements to the younger generation.

Here you can see various agricultural systems like water irrigation through sprinklers, drip irrigation – open/surface and subsurface methods, farm equipments, vermiculture, fruit vegetable and crop plantations and all these will certainly be a great learning experience.

Meher retreat will be a never-before exploration to the touch of soil, which is probably rare in present urban scenario.

Hurda Party near Pune – Meher Retreat

Hurda Party Near Pune

Hurray… The Season Of Hurda !

An irresistible temptation…

Hurda party near pune is where you can eat Hurda (tender Jawar stalks roasted over the fire) served with spicy, delicious chutney of garlic & coconut and it is indeed a mouth watering preposition…

So why wait, Meher retreat is celebrating the Hurda Season and the Hurda is ready…you are invited to enjoy it in a naturally blessed locale of Meher Retreat