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We take immense gratification in introducing ourselves as the pioneer manufacturers & Solution provider for all types of High End Automatic Entrance Doors & Loading Bay Equipments Our rich heritage and ethics comes from our parent company, A Mathurbhai & Co. started way back in 1982 with a small manufacturing, development center & a handful of technicians & engineers. They gradually grew with strong expertise, hard work & loyal clientele. The product range was all types of conventional doors, rolling shutters & gates.

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Headquartered at the core of Pune’s industrial and automotive area (PCMC), Avians has a sprawling 280000 sq ft. plant





Energy resources worldwide are depleting at the very high rate and energy conservation is becoming the norm of the day. With stricter energy consumption norms worldwide Energy Efficient Motors are manufactured in IEE efficiency classes (I, II, III) as per customer requirement.

Energy efficient motors, also called premium or high- efficiency motors, are 2 to 8% more efficient than standard motors. Motors qualify as”energy-efficient” if they meet or exceed the efficiency levels listed in the National Electric Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA’s) MG1-1993 publication. Energy efficient motors owe their higher performance to key design improvements and more accurate manufacturing tolerances.

Lengthening the core and using lower-electrical-loss steel, thinner stator laminations, and more copper in the windings reduce electrical losses in Energy efficient motors. Improved bearings and a smaller, more aerodynamic cooling fan further increase efficiency in the design of Energy efficient motors

Energy efficient motors should be considered for all new installations, replacement of failed motors, or as spares. Energy efficient motors are frequently a cost-effective alternative to rewinding

and are sometimes an economic substitute for well-functioning motors in high-duty applications.


Maintenance Of EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines | Substations – BNC Power

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Maintenance Of EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines | Substations - BNC PowerExcelling as the best in Power and Electricity vertical, we at BNC Power, are committed to deliver flawless result with innovative ideas and endeavor to make every client happy with enhanced productivity in business.

A Licensed Electrical Contractor

A reputed licensed electrical contractor, BNC Power works with the help of energetic, dynamic and certified engineers engaged in undertaking Turnkey projects, which include, erection, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

Maintenance Of EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines | Substations - BNC Power

Extensive experience of 50 Years

Our rich legacy of 50 years’ experience in the field of Electricity has enriched us with vast domain knowledge. The extensive experience in the field of live line maintenance and turnkey project handling has helped us garner faith of our clients.



Maintenance Of EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines | Substations - BNC Power

A Veteran Management Team

BNC Power is led by a group of senior civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers that has come with more than 30 years of experience in designing, erection, commissioning and maintenance of HV/EHV transmission and distribution system.

Maintenance Of EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines | Substations - BNC Power

Integrity and Honesty

We work with integrity and honesty to fulfill clients’ business requirements. Alongside, we strive for excellence in achieving customers’ goals through strong leadership and commitment to the job at hand.

We Empower business through Innovation and Partner through trust!..

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Corporate Office

Butte – Patil Complex, 3rd Floor,
Karve Road, Paud Phata,
Next To Dashbhuja Ganapati Temple,
Pune – 411038, Maharashtra (India)
Phone – 020-25460161
Fax – 02025460171

Registered Office

BNC Power Projects Limited,
Plot No. – 67, Shivaji Housing Society,
Off Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune – 411 016, Maharashtra (India).

Phone No.



  • Comprehensive Turnkey Project Management of Transmission Lines Up To 400 KV
  • Optimization of Turnkey Projects of Substations upto 400 KV
  • A to Z Live line maintenance of Transmission Lines & Substations upto 400 KV
  • Seamless Offline maintenance of Transmission Lines & Substations upto 400 KV
  • Surrogate of Old conductor with New HTLS conductor
  • Restoration of Transmission Lines upto 400 KV
  • End to End Pre – Service Inspection of Transmission Lines upto 765 KV
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  • Yoga for Sports Fitness


Sports is an activity involving physical exertion & skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Sports is a demanding activity, aiming at peak performance with perfection . This requires physical fitness & mental abilities like Concentration,Tranquility,Confidence& Will power.

Science of Yoga has two main streams- Ashtang Yoga which disciplins our mind & Hath Yoga which makes our body strong and supple.

Yoga in sports can help each individual to perform to his/her fullest potential.

We are getting opportunity to train many National Players & Coaches as well.


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  • Yoga in Hospital


The World Health Organization(WHO) defines health as “A state of complete physical, mental & social wellbeing & not merely the abscence of disease or infirmity”. September 6, 2017.

The dictionary meaning of ‘Hospital’ is “An Institute providing medical & surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people.”

Going ahead by a step, the Hospital can be an institution, providng Healthcare facilities. These facilities will offer a guidance to maintain & enhance health. Today’s life style is posing serious challenges to natural health system in our body.

Science of yoga, operating at body, breath, mind, cognition levels is providing predictable tool to achieve this goal – The Health.

Hardikar Hospital in Shivajinagar, Pune has taken a lead in supporting activities of Gnosis Medical yoga since 2006. This Hospital has provided premises, for ‘Yoga’ to be practised by patients, We guide patients in the Musculoskeletal, Metabolic, Cardiac & Neuro-endocrine functional disorders.

We are eager to provide Services in all eminent Hospitals of Pune & around.


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Being with nature always helps health. Away from city buzz, clean – fresh air, quiet – surroundings enhance the effect of Yogic Practices.

Practice of Yogic Postures, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana & Dhayn in outdoor open premises make it more effective.


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Corporate world has understood the importance of Corporate Yoga. We offer specially designed Yogic Health Programme for corporate world which is called Corporate Yoga.

The aims of this Corporate Yoga programmes are

  • To raise energy levels for 12-14 hours of work per day.
  • To prevent neck & low back complaints.
  • To maintain efficient digestive function to prevent constipation.
  • To improve emotional stability & emotional quotient.
  • To sharpen cognitive abilities.
  • Improvement of self motivation.
  • To be able to motivate others.
  • To face the adversities & chronic stressful conditions.

Gnosis Medical yoga is eager to offer services in the form of Corporate Yoga.

This Corporate Yoga Training immensely helps the busy people. Corporate Yoga Training is conducted at the esteemed premises as per the need.

Office Yoga is the best solution for busy people. This involves practice of Yogic Postures in the office cabin. Office Yoga training helps to relieve neck pain & Low back pain. Office Yoga helps to prevent hyperacidity & constipation.

Office Yoga Training teaches deep breathing, which relieves stress. Office Yoga Training teaches us to balance our mind at the outbreak of anger, fear, anxiety.

Office Yoga Training guides for meditation, which enhances our cognitive ability.

Corporate Yoga Training & Services are conducted by our Team-

  • Dr Vineeta Ketkar
  • Dr Manisha Khare
  • Dr Sunita Patil
  • Julie Dattani

Corporate Yoga Training offers

  • 15min “Unwind” workout
  • 30 min “Stay Fit “” workout
  • 60 min”Know your body – mind” session

Corporate Yoga Services

  • Lecture
  • Fitness Workshops
    Levels –

    1. General
    2. Posture
    3. Breathing Technique & Conscious Relaxation
    4. Disorders Cervical & Lumber Spondylosis
  • Consultancy for an individual
  • Seminar On Psychosomatic Disorders with workshops
    Levels –

    1. Hypertension , Diabetes Mellitus.
    2. Acid Peptic Disease, Habitual Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Ongoing Yoga Workout
    1. Every day
    2. Twice a week